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Occupational Therapy Bankstown

Occupational Therapy

Masnad Health Clinic is a family-centred service that aims to empower children and their families to nurture their development across childhood.

How can Occupational Therapy help?

Occupational Therapists support children who need support in a range of different areas. These are some of the things to look out for:

Self-Care :

  • Difficulty with buttons, zippers, shoelaces
  • Difficulty with opening and closing their lunchbox, or unscrewing a water bottle
  • Trouble ‘orienting’ clothing
  • Poor sequencing within tasks (dressing or packing their bag)
  • Trouble with skills such as brushing hair or teeth, toileting, bathing or using a knife & fork

Sensory Processing :

  • Sensitivity to particular auditory input (sounds), tactile input (touch, texture, temperature and pressure), visual input or vestibular input (movement)
  • Seeks some sensations (e.g. deep pressure, vibration, spinning or light touch)
  • Easily overstimulated, or generally low-level arousal (flat affect, hard to engage)

Clumsy or awkward movements :

  • Falling or tripping over
  • Bumping into people or objects

Social, play and Emotional skills :

  • Making friends
  • Initiating interactions and responding appropriately with others
  • Taking turns with others
  • Sharing
  • Separating from parents
  • Managing and regulating emotions and feelings
  • Sequencing in play and learning how to play appropriately with toys

Drawing & Handwriting :

  • Difficulty tracing over lines
  • Difficulty drawing shapes
  • Immature or restrictive pencil grip
  • Poor letter formation
  • Reversals
  • Poor spatial organisation/setting out or neatness
  • Reduced writing speed
  • Experiencing pain when writing

Poor coordination :

  • Difficulty throwing or catching a ball
  • Difficulty climbing, riding a bike and/or coordinating movements of arms and legs

Poor balance:

  • Difficulty with steps, walking on a line or balance beam
  • Standing on one leg
  • Hopping

Copying :

  • Trouble copying from the board or textbooks
  • Omitting letters or words
  • Poor spatial organisation
  • Reduced speed (difficulty ‘keeping up’ in class)

Cutting Skills :

  • Holding scissors awkwardly
  • Tense or asymmetrical posture
  • Decreased accuracy and neatness
  • Poor planning
  • Swapping hands
  • Changing direction when cutting

Our vision is to deliver a culturally diverse, family-centred service that incorporates an evidence-based approach. We want to work with your child’s strengths to empower you and give you a sense of ownership in your child’s learning and development.

Contact us today if you need to see an Occupational Therapist!

Occupational Therapy services are available to clients from: Belfield, Belmore, Beverly Hills, Campsie, Canterbury, Hurlstone Park, Kingsgrove, Clemton Park, Croydon Park, Condell Park, Earlwood and Burwood, plus the additional suburbs below. 

Bankstown | Punchbowl | Greenacre | Lakemba | Chullora | Strathfield | Mount Lewis | Padstow | Wiley Park | Regents Park | Riverwood | Roselands | Villawood | Yagoona | Revesby