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Speech Pathology

Expressive and Receptive language refers to the way we use and understand language to communicate effectively.

Concerns with your child’s language will vary depending on their age but may be indicated by:

  • Only using single words or having a limited vocabulary by 2 years of age
  • Not using sentences appropriate in length for their age
  • Difficulty finding the ‘right’ word
  • Difficulty putting words together to express a thought or idea
  • Difficulty being understood by others
  • Difficulty understanding and following instructions
  • Requiring repetition and additional support (i.e. pointing, showing) to complete a task
  • Difficulty listening and responding


Stuttering is a disorder whereby the flow of speech is interrupted. There are different types of stutters, including the repetition of a sound (i.e. “b-b-b-b-but l want the ball”), repetition of a syllable (i.e.”I want to read the “ca-ca-ca-caterpillar book”), repetition of a word (i.e. “can-can-can-can l have a turn?”), or repetition of a phrase (i.e. “ I want-l want-I want-I want to go to the park”). Other types of stutters include prolongations, where a sound is stretched in a word (i.e. “I don’t wa-a-a-a-a-a-ant to go”) and blockage, where there is a stoppage of airflow and your child is unable to make any sounds at all.

When to Refer?

Concerns with your child’s fluency will vary but may be indicated if:

  • Your child has been stuttering for more than 6 months
  • The stuttering is causing distress and frustration to your child
  • It is impacting on your child’s social functioning (i.e. your child is being teased by other children, or your child may avoid situations that involve talking with others)
  • When you notice disfluencies in your child’s speech. Your Speech Pathologist may choose to wait 6 months before providing intervention, as some children naturally recover


Articulation refers to how we use our tongue, teeth, lips and jaw to produce speech sounds. Children will make errors in their speech sounds at different points throughout their speech development, as different sounds are produced at different ages. A speech delay occurs when a child continues to make these errors past the age expected.

When to Refer?

Concerns with your child’s speech will vary depending on their age but may be indicated by:

  • Unclear speech
  • Difficulties being understood by others
  • Sound substitutions i.e. ‘cat’ is produced as ‘tat’, or ‘fish’ is produced as ‘pish’
  • Dropping sounds off words
  • Lisp i.e. ‘sun’ is pronounced as ‘thun’

Masnad Health Clinic supports children with their communication difficulties. Our vision is to deliver a culturally diverse, family-centred service that incorporates an evidence-based approach. We want to work with your child’s strengths to empower you and give you a sense of ownership in your child’s learning and development.

Our Speech Pathologists can provide services in Arabic and English.

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