Perfect 7 Minute Ramadan Full Body Workout

Ramadan Full Body Workout

Perfect 7 Minute Ramadan Full Body Workout

Our clients always tell us they don’t have time to exercise during Ramadan. It can be frustrating especially when you love to lead an active lifestyle. Our Physiotherapists have dug into the research and found a perfect 7 minute whole body workout you could perform. I’m sure you can spare 7 minutes to train!
“Remember, exercising for SEVEN minutes is way BETTER than NO minutes of exercise”

The beauty of this 7 minute workout routine is that the exercises are strategically ordered to target different major muscle groups such as your lower body, upper body and your core while factoring in rest times. This results in a super-efficient and super-effective workout routine.

The 12 exercises in the 7-minute workout target all the body’s major muscle groups:

With each exercise, you may add progressions to increase the intensity and get more of a workout. Progressions will be listed below next to the exercises.

    1. Jumping jacks (Targets the whole body and Progress by working faster)
    2. Wall sit (Targets the lower body and Progress by holding weights)
    3. Push-up (Targets upper body and Progress to Push-Up Claps)
    4. Abdominal crunch (Targets your core)
    5. Step-up onto chair (Targets your whole body and Progress by holding weights)
    6. Squat (Targets your lower body and Progress by holding weights)
    7. Triceps dip on chair (Targets your upper body and Progress by straightening your legs out or placing weights on your lap)
    8. Plank (Targets your core and Progress by asking a friend to place a safe weight on your back)
    9. High knees/running in place (Targets your whole body and Progress by holding weights)
    10. Lunge (Targets your lower body and Progress by holding weights or doing jumping lunges)
    11. Push-up and rotation (Targets your upper body)
    12. Side plank (Targets your core and Progress by holding the position with your legs straight)
Ramadan Full Body Workout

1)Jumping Jacks

Ramadan Full Body Workout

2) Wall Sit

Ramadan Full Body Workout

3) Push-up

Ramadan Full Body Workout

4) Abdominal crunch

Ramadan Full Body Workout

5) Step-ups

Ramadan Full Body Workout

6) Squat

Ramadan Full Body Workout

7) Triceps Dips

Ramadan Full Body Workout

8) Plank

High Knees

9) High Knees


10) Lunge

push ups with rotation

11) Push-up with Rotation

Side Plank

12) Side Plank

Depending on how much time you have, you can do the 7-minute workout once, or repeat the whole series two or three times.

When to Exercise While Fasting in Ramadan

Performing an intense exercise while in a fasted state is more taxing on your body than a non-fasted state. Therefore it is important to perform your cardio training at appropriate times:

Before you break your fast: This will ensure your body will receive the replenishment it needs after your workout.

2 – 3 hours after you break your fast (E.g After taraweeh prayers): Studies have shown that doing a cardio based training routine a couple of hours post a meal aids in good digestion and increases your metabolism.

Useful Tips to Maximise the Benefit of Exercise While Fasting

  • When exercising in a fasted state be sure to replenish your body with enough fluids and nutritional foods
  • Ensure you are fuelling your body after you break your fast with protein to prevent muscle loss
  • This is an intense workout so you’re more likely to get injured and can feel dizzy if you perform this exercise while fasting. Make sure to warm up with light cardio for 2-3 minutes to get your heart, muscles, and joints ready.
  • Listen to your body! If the intensity is too much, rest a little longer.

Let’s Analyse this 7 Minute Workout

Intensity Level: High

Because this workout condenses an entire exercise program into 7 minutes, it has to be intense. The exercises are challenging, and you do them one after the other with only very short breaks in between.

Areas It Targets

Core: Yes. Abdominal crunches, planks, and side planks work your core muscles.

Arms: Yes. Push-ups and triceps dips work the arms.

Legs: Yes. There are several leg exercises, including jumping jacks, wall sits, step-ups, squats, and lunges.

Glutes: Yes. Squats and lunges also work the glute muscles.

Back: Yes. Although there are no specific back exercises, this is a full-body workout, and many of the whole-body exercises also work the muscles in your back.


Flexibility: No. This workout doesn’t include a stretch, although we would recommend stretching after the workout. The reason we suggest stretching after the workout is because there is blood flow to your muscles and they’re more elastic.  

Aerobic: Yes. Because you run through the exercises very quickly and work many large muscle groups at once. The aerobic component of this workout helps burn fat and reduce your body weight.

Strength: Yes. The exercises work all the major muscle groups, building strength throughout your body.

Sport: No. This is not a sport; it’s a workout.

Low Impact: No. The recommended aerobic exercises (jumping jacks and high knees/running in place) are high impact.

What Else Should I Know About This 7 Minute Workout?

Cost. The workout is free, and there are free apps you can download to your smartphone or tablet that will walk you through the program and time the intervals for you.

Good for beginners? No. It’s too intense. And because you’re doing this solo, it helps to have some experience with general exercises like crunches and planks, so you use good form and technique.

Do I need any equipment? All you need is your own body weight for resistance, a wall and a chair.

Outdoors. Yes. You can do this workout outside, but you will need to bring along a chair and find a wall for some of the exercises.

At home. Yes. The routine is basic enough to do anywhere in your house.

Is It Good for Me If I Have a Health Condition?

The 7-Minute Workout is challenging, and it will produce results. It’s science-based, so you can trust it will do what it’s supposed to.

But it’s not for everyone. You have to push yourself hard to get the most out of it, which means it could be tough if you have joint or back problems. Moves like jumping jacks, squats, and lunges can be hard on the knees. Push-ups can be stressful on your wrists and shoulders. Planks will be tough if your back muscles are weak.

If you have joint or back problems and are not already active, this is not the workout for you, at least not yet. You need a kinder, gentler program to get your muscles stronger to better support your joints. Book Online with one of Our Physiotherapist and they will help tailor an exercise program for you. When you’re ready, your Physiotherapist will discuss adapting the 7-Minute Workout for you.

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or another condition that could benefit from dropping some extra weight, this routine could be what you’re looking for if your doctor agrees.

If you’re pregnant, you can exercise intensely if you did so before getting pregnant, but you would need to make some changes to this specific workout. The main concern during exercise is falling, so you don’t want to risk it by stepping up onto a chair. Also, later in your pregnancy you would need to stop jumping jacks and high knees as this could be painful. You can replace those exercises with others or find a workout program that doesn’t involve jumping and climbing.

If you have any questions feel free to email us on or Book Online with one of our Physiotherapists or Chiropractors to get any injury sorted before you commence this awesome 7 Minute Workout!

Enjoy the rest of your Ramadan!

Medical disclaimer

All information provided by Masnad Health clinic is of general nature and is for educational purposes only. No information is to be taken as medical or other health advice pertaining to any individual’s specific health or medical condition. As always, check with your doctor or physiotherapist before beginning any high-intensity exercise routine.

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