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Diet Vs Exercise
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Diet Vs Exercise ?

Which is more important – diet or exercise? It’s one of the most commonly asked questions for those setting out to lose weight. And the short answer is ‘both’.
If you hate exercise and want to lose weight just by changing your diet, you’re setting yourself up to fail, says Dr Chris Tzar, an exercise physiologist from the University of New South Wales.

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Core Stability
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Research Update on Core Stability & Cycling

The majority of health professionals are now embracing the concept of CORE stability and its importance in different sporting and training activities – a recent study printed in the “Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research” looked at the relationship between core stability and cycling performance.

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Preventing Cycling Injuries
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6 Great Tips to Preventing Cycling Injuries

Imagine two scenarios: A rider rolls in from a 150km training ride on his $7000 bike (his third session for the week), complaining of sharp pain in his knee over the last 25km. Another rider comes home from work after her normal 10km sprint through the traffic, complaining of a sharp pain in her knee when taking off from the lights.

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Health Clinic Bankstown
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Two Easy Steps To a Pain Free Knee

Pain felt in the front/sides or below the kneecap is a really common occurrence. It can be sharp, aching or a combination of these. Typically this type of pain can sometimes: keep you awake at night, make it difficult to go up and down stairs, twinge when you stand up out of a chair and give you a tight feeling when you try and bend your knee.

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