Black Seed Capsules (Vegecaps) 60 Liquid Capsules

Black Seed Capsules (Vegecaps) 60 Liquid Capsules




What is the difference between the Black Seed Oil Capsules and the Black Seed Oil Bottles? It’s important to note, the recommended daily dosage of capsules is equivalent to 1ml of oil per day (500mg per capsule). The recommended daily dosage of oil is equivalent to 5ml per day (1 teaspoon). This is due to the fact that ingesting any product in capsule form is deemed more effective within the body as the capsules dissolve within the stomach- the product is then distributed within the body to where it is needed most. Conversely, if the oil is taken direct on a teaspoon, more of it is required as much of it becomes absorbed via the digestive track and only very little of it reaches the stomach- the key site of distribution. The oil in the capsules is the same as those in Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil bottles. Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil is 100% pure, cold-pressed Black Seed Oil, and nothing else!

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