What is a Footeez?

The Footeez is a concave roller made of non-allergenic TPC with a steel cylindrical core for added strength. It is shaped to provide maximum surface area for rolling. Used as a fascial ‘creep’ roller, it is more effective that a standard ‘foam’ roller, in releasing fascial tension that causes knee, calf and foot pain.

Who Needs One?

Fascial tightness is most commonly found in athletes and people who engage in physical activity that involves a high degree of lower leg use, including –
Athletes such as Runners, Rowers, and Cyclists
People who play field sports such as Soccer, Rugby Union or League, Touch or TRL
People play court sports such as Tennis, Volleyball or Netball
Fitness professionals and people who regularly weight train
Regular walkers or hikers

How Does It Work?

Rolling using a Footeez is likely to be uncomfortable (even painful at first) but it is the most effective rolling technique for myofascial release for reducing knee and foot pain caused by tight muscles – See how below

A free information poster is included with each Footeez.

Additional information

Weight 400 g