Abdul-Raouf Baghdadi

Physiotherapists in Bankstown

Abdul-Raouf Baghdadi

Founder, Physiotherapist & Hijama Therapist

Abdul has a passion for complex spinal rehabilitation where posture, core strengthening and a multi-disciplinary approach is required.

Abdul graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) degree, is fluent in Arabic and has been working in private practice since 2008. He has extensive experience with sporting teams in rugby league and soccer and loves to treat holistically by combining treatment with the Chiropractor or using another treatment modality called Wet Cupping or Hijama. Together he is achieving excellent results of providing pain relief for patients with long-standing chronic pain and empowering them to return back to functional levels and beyond!

Abdul firmly believes in educating patients about the cause of their condition and facilitating them to to assist themselves with exercise. His vision for Masnad Health Clinic and the great team within is to be the forefront catalysts at improving the health of the community by providing the best service within the clinic and to run effective educational programs for the community!

60 seconds With Abdul

I love an early morning jog/cycle/gym while listening to TED Talks, spiritually uplifting lectures or audiobooks

I love Tennis and cycling with the ‘Sydney Muslim Cyclists’

If i had a choice i would love to have dinner with Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Steven Covey (Author of 7 habits of highly effective people) and my darling wife;) (i hope she reads this hahaha)

I love the element of ‘care’ as a Physiotherapist and we really get to know each patient at a personal level. I’m grateful that i’m in a profession that can reduce someone’s pain and improve their quality of life!

Hot Chocolate from ‘Sugar House Waffles’ Mmmm

New Zealand, South Island is out of this world!

‘Verily with every hardship there is ease’ Quran 94:6

I love that it’s a complete Allied Health Service where every client receives quality care. I’m grateful for the team of expert health professionals i’m surrounded by. I love that our team are allergic to average and will always go above and beyond for the community!