Ali Mohsen

Ali Mohsen

Ali Mohsen

Accounts Manager

60 seconds With Ali Mohsen

I enjoy playing soccer on weekends and constantly challenging myself through strength training at the gym.

It would have to be a zinger box from KFC. Value for money is a big understatement (bonus tip: swap out your mayo for supercharged sauce and thank me later).

“People are of two kinds, your brothers in faith or your equals in humanity.” – Ali Ibn Abi Taleb.

A trip to Manchester United’s stadium Old Trafford in England to watch a champions league final match there. Might have to wait a long time for that one.

Work feels more like a home, and my colleagues feel more like my family! The amazing support and friendship that we all provide to one another at Masnad is unparalleled, highlighted through the ease of communication, the reliability in achieving tasks and most importantly, the laughs that we all share (a bit too much sometimes). These definitely extend towards the wider community as well, you are like our family!