Hoda Masri

Hoda Masri

Managing Director

60 seconds With Hoda

When it comes to a cup of hot chocolate, there is just no possibility of saying no. That and a bucket of popcorn mixed with Maltesers… (YUM)

“Be like the flower that gives its fragrance even to the hand that crushes it” – Ali Ibn Abi Taleb

Nothing relaxes me more than looking up at a sky full of stars. I discovered my favourite place while my husband and I were exploring the South Island of New Zealand in a motorhome. We had parked up to rest for the night and never had I seen a sight more breathtaking. It was like glitter had been spilled onto the velvety backdrop.

I absolutely love the challenge! Everyday is a different day and I can never expect what curveballs the day will throw at me.

“Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten” – Lilo & Stitch 

At Masnad Health Clinic, the team is my family. We’re always there for one another in both the special times in life and the rough ones too. As much as I love the team, I also love our clients. I love the atmosphere, conversations and warmth they bring to the waiting room.